image of low-profile ERVs for multifamily construction

Greenheck has introduced low-profile energy recovery ventilators (ERVs) for multifamily construction that can be used in combination with MasterSPEC and MultiSPEC ceiling exhaust fans.

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Four models are available:

  • ASSURE-120: 50 – 130 cfm
  • SYNC-110: 50 – 130 cfm
  • SYNC-180: 75 – 200 cfm
  • SYNC-270: 75 – 280 cfm

These models utilize a cross-flow, total enthalpy recovery core that transfers sensible (heat) and latent (moisture) energy. For colder climates, timed exhaust frost control will enable based on an OA (outside air) temperature sensor, disabling the supply fan and allowing warm exhaust air to melt any frost. Hinged access allows for easy maintenance of MERV6 (std.) or MERV13 (opt.) filters. Fan modulation and control achieved through numerous control options or timers.

All models are CSA certified and HVI (Home Ventilating Institute) certified while SYNC-180 and SYNC-270 are also cold-weather certified.

For more information on Greenheck energy recovery ventilators, selection assistance, or technical questions, please contact your local Brucker Sales Representative.

Elk Grove Village: 847-437-9690
Peoria: 309-691-5160