January 2009  

Welcome to The Brucker Connection eNews

Welcome to the new year and to the first edition of the Brucker Connection!  With this quarterly e-newsletter we will share the latest HVAC industry news, events, seminars and training opportunities with you.  We are looking forward to positive changes and to earning your business in 2009.  If you have suggestions or feedback please contact us at salesinfo@bruckerco.com or call 847-437-9690.  

Choose the Right Make-Up Air Product

Greenheck offers make up air units for industrial and for commercial kitchen applications. Heating options include direct fired gas, indirect fired gas, steam, hot water and electric resistance. Available cooling options are evaporative cooling, direct expansion coils and chilled water coils.

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Brucker Now Carries Cerus Motor Starters

Starters are required to run every fan, pump and air handler, and the ingenuity and ease of the Cerus starters make it a preferred product in the industry.  Specifically, BAS starters offer many labor-saving features, competitive pricing and short lead times.

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Reduce Laboratory Ventilation Operating Costs with Vektor Energy Recovery Exhaust Systems

Greenheck Vektor energy recovery systems utilize glycol filled run around coils to safely transfer energy between the laboratory exhaust and supply air streams.  This sensible only heat transfer systems allows the supply and exhaust duct system to be separated and safely prevents the possibility of cross contamination.



Greenheck Vektor-CD and Vektor-MD are First to Receive AMCA 260 Certified Rating

Greenheck’s Vektor-CD and Vektor-MD are the first induced flow fans in the market to receive the AMCA 260 Certified Rating, which confirms and quantifies the amount of dilution air entrained by the fan discharge wind band. You can rest assured that Greenheck’s Vektor-CD and Vektor-MD will perform as stated by the manufacturer and provide you with the highest level of safety.